Here at The Factory we focus on each individual achieving the goals they seek. We assist in setting realistic expectations revolving around the level of commitment the individual is comfortable with.

Our adult group training classes in The Factory are centered around tailoring our assigned group workout to each person based on their fitness level, range of motion, injury history and wants. Everyday is centered around having a good time, meeting with your friends, and getting a great training session in! We promote giving back to our community by involving ourselves in numerous charitable events throughout the year that further promote a positive social environment that you can be proud to be a part of.

Our athlete training sessions in The Athlete Factory are for athletes ranging in grades from Junior High to Seniors in college. We always place an emphasis on quality of movement and the ability to transfer what we do in here to the field of play they are training for. Each athlete gets the appropriate program that fits their needs at that given time. Our sessions consist of speed and agility training along with lifting in the appropriate fashion for their sport.

Join The #FactoryBN Family, become a #AFAthlete, and start making progress today!