Unwind and Rebuild

The Recovery Faze a division of The Factory Bloomington-Normal is a place to relax and recover from your daily mental and physical stressors.

The Recovery Faze room embodies the community feel that The Factory has come to be known for. Allowing the muscles to recover is paramount for their ability to rebuild, become strong and more powerful which produces faster results. Our goal is to make this process faster, easier and more appealing. The Recovery Faze provides some serious tools to help you feel your best at all times.

RomWod on AppleTV

Our range of motion. Daily videos to Optimize your Range of Motion, Boost your Athletic Progression, and Accelerate Recovery.

Recovery Tools

Pulse 2.0

Leg Recovery System by Normatec


Massage Device by Hyperice


Massage Ball by Hyperice

Vipor 2.0

Fitness Rollers by Hyperice

Infrared Sauna

Relax and sweat it out in the heat

Recovery Drinks

Rehydrate with various beverages